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I'm Riddhi Ravishankar

I design products and experiences to make life easier. Looking for my next opportunity to make a difference.
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Check out my latest work!

My holistic approach to design ensures that every interaction is carefully curated to enhance user satisfaction and leave a lasting impact. Being able to create unique experiences with a user-centered approach, whether in its in the real world or in a virtual environment.

Participatory Data Collection

A collaborative project, where we gathered data on areas of expenditure in IITH by inviting students to take part in a data collection exercise. The interaction was designed such that they could see the data grow as and when they participated.

Productivity Pod

To help improve the productivity of the students at IIT Hyderabad, we worked on a Modular Pod specifically designed for them. The Pod incorporates a number of characteristics to encourage concentration, teamwork, and relaxation, improving the overall learning environment.

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